Doctor doctor, give us the news: we’ve got a bad case of WAFFLES!, you!

All doctors & nurses (and illness and wellness [and some science Doctors]) on this edition of WAFFLES!, featuring the amazing Songs for Rockwood, Doctor Worm (Matt’s favourite song of ALL TIME?!?), Marisa playing the New York Dolls, and much more!

Music from this show:

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans Go!
Doctor Atomic Act II Scene 3 :: John Adams
Medicine for a Nightmare :: Sun Ra
St James Infirmary :: Louis Armstrong
Straight No Chaser :: Dr. Lonnie Smith
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong :: Leonard Cohen
Dr. Love Power :: Ann Peebles
The Crossover :: Destroyer
Mouser :: Fiver
True Love Will Find You in the End :: Matthew Good
El Nino Inseminado :: Vainica Doble
Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors :: Editors
Doctor Worm :: They Might Be Giants
Song for Ted Sallis :: The Mountain Goats
Sick :: Big Dick
Twisted :: Joni Mitchell
Doctor Blind :: Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
Pills :: New York Dolls
Nurse & Patient :: The Burning Hell
Attack the Doctor :: Blockhead
Doctor :: Hot Chip
Monster Hospital :: Metric
Not the Doctor :: Alanis Morrissette
Doctor Please :: Blue Cheer
Doctorin’ the TARDIS :: The Timelords