Tony, former CFRC host of Ahoy Savoy! and Afrotunity, joins Matt while Marisa’s at work. A fun show! Lots of music about food, recipes and more, and some sound advice (YOU GOTTA KEEP UP!) near the end of the show. Featuring music by Tony’s band Dingers, early for Hallowe’en!

WAFFLES! :: Teen Titans Go!
Autumn’s Embrace :: Marie Goudy
A Taste of Honey :: Quincy Jones
Liberte :: B’s Bees
Everybody Eats… :: Cab Calloway
Come On A My House :: Ursula
Ain’t Gonna Give You None Of This Jelly Roll :: Combo Royale
Blueberry Pie :: Mary-Kate Edwards
Lazybones :: If You’re A Viper
Barbra Lica :: The Food Song
Cookin’ Up Trouble :: Christine Shmitt
I Love You But I’ve Chosen The Poisonous Gas :: Dingers
Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions :: Four Tet
Food Fight!! :: Planet Smashers
Welcome to the House of Food :: Spookey Ruben
A Real Waste of Food :: Spacehog
Carrot Juice New :: Mastersounds
Taste the Devil :: Emma Citrine
Pumpkin Soup :: Kate Nash
Forgotten Food :: Alpha Strategy
Life is a Minestrone :: 10CC