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Music this show:

Waffles :: Teen Titans Go

Thank You :: Echo Women’s Choir

Thank You :: Dave Brubeck

Territory Acknowledgement :: Collective Order

Meadow Lane :: Collective Order

Memories of Cuba :: Joe Bowden Project

Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book :: Dead Can Dance

He Ain’t Heavy :: Housemartins

Ain’t He Heavy :: Wagon Christ

I Wanna Thank You :: Sloan

Fatal Gift :: Emily Haines & the Soft Skeletons

Help I’m Alive :: Metric

Donate Your Heart to a Stranger :: Spookey Ruben

Thank You Lord For Sending Me the F Train :: M Doughty

Sergeant Rock is Going to Help Me :: XTC

Tears of Gratitude :: United Future Organization

Gratitude :: Oingo Boingo

Thank You :: Gospel Church, Harlem (There Is No Eye)

Sweet Charity :: Mr. Bungle

HELP :: Beatles

Til Death :: Robbie Fulks & Linda Lewis

The Gift :: Velvet Underground