Friend of the show Tony is a co-host for a jazz-infused episode of WAFFLES!, talking mostly about Meet In The Middle, the upcoming swing extravaganza coming to Kingston later this month! Swing culture, terminology, dances (what’s a blues dance?) and more, punctuated with music on the more general theme of “youth”.

Music, music, music!

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

Fountain of Youth :: Roger Briggs

Flaming Youth :: Duke Ellington

I Like Pie (I Like You Best of All) :: Gordon Webster

The Cat’s Got Kittens :: Combo Royale

It’s Highlife Time :: Fela Kuti

Blame It On My Youth :: Holly Cole

Sit Down Young Stranger :: Gordon Lightfoot

All Right, Okay You Win :: Gordon Webster

Let’s Jazz All Young Aliens :: John Southworth

Big John’s Special :: Martin Loomer’s Orange Devils

Boys & Girls :: Alabama Shakes

Youth Cults :: TRAITRS

Can’t Give You Anything but Love :: Cranberry Dixie & Swing Band

We Are Young :: fun.

Part Time Punks :: Television Personalities

The Daydream :: The Lucinda Belle Orchestra

Forever Young :: Sam Concepcion

Forever Young :: Jazzystics

Lavender Coffin :: Gordon Webster

All the Young Dudes :: World Party

One O’Clock Jump :: Lester’s Blues

Youth Culture Killed My Dog :: They Might Be Giants