It’s a 12-hour time-shifted co-hosting gig on this week’s WAFFLES!, as Dave Butler in Hong Kong joins Matt in Kingston via Discord to talk about Dungeons & Dragons, teaching, and more! Dave is the GM of an online D&D game that Matt plays in, and there’s a lot of music about dungeons. And dragons! Also featuring music by Sam Kaiser, “Dungeon Jazz,” two versions of the Enter the Dragon theme, coal mines, and more!

WAFFLES! :: Teen Titans Go!

In the Year of the Dragon :: Charlie Haden

Trip Don’t Fall :: Craig Fielder

In the Year of the Dragon :: Old Man Luedeke

Dragon Graveyard :: Ari Pulkkinen


Fog Lake :: Oak Island

Moonlight :: Sam Kaiser

I Loved My Girl :: John Southworth

Dark as a Dungeon :: Merle Travis

Dark as a Dungeon :: Sparklehorse

London Dungeon :: Misfits

Enter the Dragon Theme :: Lalo Schifri

Enter the Dragon Dub :: Mato

In the Belly of a Dragon :: Jenn Grant

Kill Dragon :: Strand of Oaks

Crimson Dragon Tattoo :: Ray Wylie Hubbard

Dragon :: Tori Amos

Wicked Game :: DBL Dragon

Let the Night Fall :: Dragonette

Kimono Dragon :: Hot Garbage