This bonus episode focuses on composer Trevor Morris’s work on DragonAge: Inquisition.  Research assistants Brooke and Andrew tackle a variety of questions ranging from the controversy about switching composers mid-series, what harmonic factors distinguish the music, and how the music does (or does not) reflect Morris’s Canadian-ness.

Music Tracks (all from DragonAge: Inquisition)

·       The Lost Temple: 0:29-7:32

·       Dragon Age Inquisition Theme: 7:37-10:50, 14:05-17:39

·       Journey to Skyhold: 10:54-11:33

·       Orlais Theme: 11:39-14:03

·       In Hushed Whispers: 17:39-19:22, 20:54-23:48

·       Aquatic Ambience: 19:22-20:54

·       The Wrath of Heaven: 23:48-25:51

·       Take Me Home 25:51-26:17