North! South! East! West! Which dumb Saturday morning show do you like best?

It’s the cardinal directions as WAFFLES! covers the four points of the compass, with songs revealing Morrissey’s grim future as a horse-and-nun-murdering member of the Smiths, Marisa’s very (non-)controversial fave The Church album, the tremendously literal modern classical music of Jeremy Peyton Jones, and much more!

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

North South East West :: Jeremy Peyton Jones

Go West :: Bill Frissell

East of the Sun & West of the Moon :: Diana Krall

West African Safari :: Sir Victor Uwaifo

Whispers of the North :: Gordon Lightfoot

Easy Money :: Old Man Luedecke

Is It Really So Strange :: The Smiths

I Think the Answer’s Yes :: The Beautiful South

Northern Piano :: Ultraworld

Western Skies :: Blue Rodeo

Northern Wind :: City and Colour

Going South :: The Wolfgang Press

Go West :: Pet Shop Boys

Go West :: Steen Jorgenson

The North :: Stars

The Black Light :: Calexico

Western Sky :: American Music Club

East West North South :: Japandroids

Moving East :: Jimmy Rankin

Helpless :: Neil Young

North, South, East, and West :: The Church

Compass :: Zella Day

Going South :: Nils Lofgren