First hour featuring, from the May 7th ‘and the journey continues’ open mic reading in that monthly series, you’ll hear readings by Allison Chisholm, Michael Casteels, Judith Popiel, and Bruce Kauffman in the first round, and then from the second round – Ron Chase, Kinman, Gwen Whitford, Colleen Lyons, Quentin Kerr, Cori Mayhew, Sasha Hill, Bob Mackenzie, Meg Freer, Ken Chin, and Ky Pearce. Second hour featuring and continuing with the May 7th ‘and the journey continues’ open mic reading, you’ll hear the remaining readings of the second and final round that evening: Lyle Merriam, Chantel Lavoie, Tia Lunn, Jill Glatt, Allison Chisholm, Michael Casteels, and Bruce Kauffman. Following that, I’ll air a couple of recorded poems by a Paris, France poet – Malik Ameer Crumpler, and following his poems I’ll share work from a few of the cd’s of other poet’s work I have.