Teenagers! YOUNG PUNKS! Matt and Marisa rail against the younger generation while playing songs about ’em, with Marisa going on a deep dive into one of her favourite musical sub-sub-subgenres: the “death discs” of the ’50s and ’60s, spinning splatter platters featuring all sorts of teens dropping like (teenaged) flies.

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

Piano Concerto :: Alma Deutscher

Smells Like Teen Spirit (short) :: Willie Nelson

Smells Like Teen Spirit :: Patti Smith

Sugar Mountain :: Neil Young

The Suburbs :: Arcade Fire

Teenage Cats :: Hawksley Workman

Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven :: Love & Rocket

Teenage Kicks :: The Undertones

Teenage Kicks :: Ron Ron Chou

Suzanne :: Bruce Springsteen

Black Denim Trousers & Motorcycle Boots :: The Diamonds

Patches :: Dickey Lee

Dead Man’s Curve :: Nash the Slash

Greg! The Stop Sign!! :: TISM

Teenage Exorcists :: Mogwai

U Smile :: Justin Bieber 800x slower

Seventeen :: Ladytron

At Seventeen :: Tara McLean

Drunk Teenagers :: Joel Plaskett Emergency

Miss Teen Wordpower :: The New Pornographers

Teenage Lobotomy :: The Ramones