Matt and Marisa play host to Marisa’s mom, Mary, as they play music about mothers and Matt strives valiantly to get Mary to give up the dirt on Marisa’s mysterious past and childhood. Does he succeed? Does Mary throw Marisa under the bus? Find out — and listen to some awesome music besides!

WAFFLES! :: Teen Titans

Mutterlandelei :: Strauss / Edith Weins

Songs my Mother Taught Me :: Dvorak

My Mother :: Bluiett Jackson Thiam

Mother & Son :: Loren Mazzacane

Suzanne :: Nina Simone

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town :: Johnny Cash

Neil Young :: Motorcycle Mama

Take This Message to My Mother :: Bobby Visitor

Mama Tried :: Bonnie Princy Billy

Mama Tried :: Old 97’s

Mother of a Miner’s Child :: Gordon Lightfoot

Motherless Children :: Roscoe Holcomb

Motherless Child :: Odetta

Motherless Child :: Moby

Mendocino :: Kate McGarrigle and Rufus Wainwright

Call You Names :: Tenille Arts

I’m On Fire :: Whitehorse

Canadian Shield :: CFRC

e5-770 My Mother’s Name :: Lucie Idlout

Sisters of Mercy :: Dion

Trust the Voice of Love :: John Southworth

Treat Your Mother Right :: Mr. T

Take Your Mama Out Tonight :: Scissor Sisters

Mother :: Pink Floyd

Mutter :: Rammstein