And in this sleep of WAFFLES!, what dreams may come? Suck it, Shakespeare! Matt and Marisa rule your dreams now, with two hours of dream-based music to make you dream of the widest variety of music on earth.

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

Dream That Dream :: Thelonious Monk ::

Sueno de Munecas :: Gonzales Rubalacaba ::

Bob Dylan’s Dream :: Bob Dylan

Dishwasher’s Dream :: Danny Michel

My Dream :: Sunny & the Sunliners

Talula :: Tori Amos

Dream Lover :: Destroyer

Innocent When You Dream :: Tom Waits

I Often Dream of Trains :: Robyn Hitchcock

Hot Dreams :: Timber Timbre

Dream :: Emilie & Ogden

Alone So Far :: Old 97’s

Lost in the Dream :: The War on Drugs

The Dream :: Rich Aucoin

I Dreamed We Fell Apart :: Memphis

A Real Dream :: CFCF

If Only in A Dream :: Bunny

Drifter :: Siouxsie & the Banshees

Supermarket Dream :: Snog

Let’s Make Out :: Dream Wife

The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness :: The National

American Dream :: Miami Horror

Death Dream :: Frightened Rabbit

The Dream :: The Cure

Kimiko’s Dream House :: Mark Lanegan