This podcast features footage from the SGPS Executive All-Candidates Debate, which took place at the JDUC at 7 PM on January 26th 2020. Officiated by SGPS Chief Returning Officer Matt Ierino, candidates for each executive position outlined their platforms and responded to various questions.

Note that there was an on site microphone issue toward the beginning of the proceedings and a question was asked without the use of the microphone around 3:28 that is almost inaudible. CFRC simulcasted the proceedings via facebook live feed in two parts (punctuated by intermission). The inaudible question is “Please tell us what you consider as the biggest strength and biggest opportunity of the SGPS?”
Part One of live feed is here. Part Two of live feed is here.

For more information about SGPS executive candidates, referenda questions, how to vote and more visit the SGPS Elections Page.

Thank you to the SGPS, SGPS Speaker Laura Culleton, and SGPS CRO Matt Ierino for the opportunity to record proceedings.