In this exclusive episode of the Scoop airing at 8 PM EST on CFRC 101. 9 FM January 8th 2020, five distinguished Queen’s University Professors join us for a roundtable discussion.  Drs. Paul Gardner and Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) Amarnath Amarasingam (Political Studies and Religion), and both Noah Weisbord and Queen’s National Scholar Ashwini Vasanthakuma (Law) joined us virtually to discuss events unfolding in Washington DC related to pro-Trump supporters storming into the Capitol building on January 6th, how the demonstration became violent, how the event contrasts with Black Lives Matter movements that occurred in Summer 2020 and the problem of policing in addition to questions about definitions of domestic terrorism and sedition, what impact this watershed moment will have for Joseph Biden’s presidency, and finally, what may lie ahead for Trump and his supporters.  Fascinating discussion with esteemed experts, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.