“In this Adventures in Research edition of Campus Beat, we are joined by Professors Scott Lamoureux and Melissa Lafrenière, Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University.  From them we learn about a recent study published in Nature Communications entitled “Emerging Dominance of Summer Rainfall Driving High Arctic Terrestrial Aquatic Connectivity.”Lafrenière and Lamoureux were co-authors of this study that was led by Queen’s PhD grad Dr. Casey Beel and former Robert Gilbert Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr. Joanne Heslop.  Listeners not only get a glimpse into the logistics of conducting research on rainfall in the High Arctic (Cape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory, 400 km from Resolute), but also get an understanding of how the team did their research over the last 18 years and of course, the local and global implications of their study’s results.

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