Kingstonian S1E8: Peter Milliken – “Mr. Speaker”

Recorded during the heat of the last U.S. Presidential campaign, we talk with the longest-serving Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons about the differences in the institutions of government.  We also spent time reviewing the work done by our two Chambers.

Kingstonian S1E7: Susan Zambonin – CEO of Habitat for Humanity Kingston Limestone Region

Recorded early last year, just a few months after Susan arrived in Kingston to take up her post.  Susan takes us through the “411” on the organization, as well as their plans for the construction of new homes (some of which have already been built).

Kingstonian S1E6: Daniel Woolf – From Arts ’80 to Principal & Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University

This episode features a conversation with the Principal of Queen’s University recorded at the beginning of 2017.  We trace his journey as an undergrad thru his appointment as head of the University’s Administration.  If you’ve ever wondered what the job entails, this is segment to listen to.

Kingstonian S1E4: Jack Thompson – 52 years behind the mic

His career began in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.  In the late sixties, he moved to Kingston and, up until his retirement a few years back, Jack has been a mainstay of radio in our community.  Join Dave as he and Jack look back on a great career behind the mic.

Kingstonian S1E3: Dr. Mona Rahman – “A Muslim is a Muslim”

From a conversation recorded in the spring of 2017, Dave speaks to Dr. Mona Rahman, the Education Coordinator for the Islamic Society of Kingston. We talk about Sunnis and Shias; the clothing adherents are expected to wear; and the bans being imposed.

The Kingstonian 001: Gerretsen & Gerretsen – Politics is the Family Business

From a conversation recorded in October 2016, Dave speaks with both John Gerretsen and his son, Mark. Both were former Councilors and Mayors for the City. After his term as Mayor, John served as the Member of the Provincial Legislature for 19 years, and Mark, after his term around the horseshoe, was elected in 2015 as the Member of the House of Commons in Ottawa. We speak with the two of them, together, about the public-service-aspect of their time in politics