Harmony Club

Joining us in the studio: Harmony Club, and educational musical collective! From alternative practicum to full-fledged initiative, learn how tune-making can demonstrate how to educate through music — all under the ethos of “How to be Awesome.” Find them on…

Episode Four: The Wheels on the Bus

In this episode, Queen’s M.Ed. student Sawyer Hogenkamp shares valuable advice for anyone starting their masters, and discusses the Queen’s graduate community, his 3-Minute Thesis, and his research on bullying and school buses.

Adapt and Change

Queen’s AQ instructor Paul Hannah stops by the CFRC studio to discuss how he became a teacher, his time at Queen’s, how education has changed over time and his classroom confession.

Play-Based Learning as a Spectrum with Kristy Timmons

In this episode Kristy Timmons stopped by to talk about how she keeps busy in Kingston, play-based learning, self-regulation strategies, and the importance of small and large group activities in early childhood education. Music: JazzyFrench & CreativeMinds – Bensound.com

Lee Airton

In our first episode of Popular Podagogy, we have Lee Airton drop by the CFRC studio to discuss their James Bond like hobbies, debating in the classroom, the No Big Deal Campaign, blogging and more.