Game Music 101

Video game music is more than just bleeps and bloops: players expect game music to
significantly contribute to their immersion and enjoyment of the game experience. In this
podcast, the Game Music at Queen’s research team discusses how music effectively communicates narrative and other elements of gameplay, featuring music from your
favourite game series.

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Episode 4: Identity in DragonAge: Inquisition

This bonus episode focuses on composer Trevor Morris’s work on DragonAge: Inquisition.  Research assistants Brooke and Andrew tackle a variety...

Episode 3: “Geoculture”

Video games often take influences from real-world cultures, sometimes to reflect particular eras and locations in historically-based games, but in...

The Human Side Of War

TFirst-person shooters often feature driving, pulsing music meant to propel the player onwards.  However, not all games evoking war follow...

Tropes and Topics

The first episode in our podcast series will present the four hosts – Stephanie Lind (project supervisor) and undergraduate research...