How to be WiSE

how to be wise

Bi-weekly podcast affiliated with Queen’s WiSE, each episode being a ~30-minute interview with an inspirational woman, working or teaching in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), from either Queen’s (professors, grad students, etc.) or external guests. 

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Ep 3 – with Hallie Prescott and Leanne Dube

For this episode, we are interviewing 2018-2019 Queen's WiSE vice presidents, Hallie Prescott and Leanne Dube. Hallie is the external VP of WiSE...

Ep 2 – with Dr. Roshni Rainbow

For this episode, we are interviewing a very special guest, Professor Roshni Rainbow. Dr Rainbow is an assistant professor here...

Ep 1 – with Meghann Grenier

Our first episode features Meghann Grenier, the president of Queen’s WiSE 2018-2019. Meghann shares her experience in studying and working...

How to be WiSE – Episode 0