Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation Podcast

SERIES LAUNCH : January 2020!

Questions of land rights are at the root of most current conflicts between indigenous peoples and the wider state. Competing conceptions of the land and authority over the land intersect with conflicts around resource extraction, the terms of consultation and consent, and the political status of indigenous peoples. Without resolving the conflicts around land in a fair and collaborative manner, real reconciliation will be difficult to achieve.

This podcast presents a series of six live panel presentations delivered at the Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation workshop at Queen’s University in September of 2019. The series theorizes the justifications for land rights from indigenous perspectives and investigates how these understandings challenge and enrich theories in the Western tradition. The discussion also confronts the implications of these understandings for the political and legal practice.

The Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation project sought to meet three key objectives: to provide an open platform for indigenous people to voice their views on land, self-governance, and relationships; to explore ways of indigenizing political theory and method; and to promote respectful and reciprocal collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous scholars.

We encourage you to visit our website at www.queensu.ca/csdd/landrights to follow the project and its future efforts.

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