International Voices at Queen’s

International Voices at Queen’s is an inquisitive and supportive listening space for members of the Queen’s University community, especially those with intercultural realities, those engaging in language learning, and those seeking to increase intercultural awareness.   

Produced by the Queen’s International Centre (https://quic.queensu.ca/) and Student Academic Success Services (https://sass.queensu.ca/).  

Season one hosted and edited by AmirHossein Sojoodi, a PhD student in Computer Engineering at Queen’s University. 

Season two hosted by Spencer Kong, a fourth year Film student, and edited by AmirHossein Sojoodi and Lydia Skulstad.     

Season three hosted by Özlem Atar, a PhD student in Cultural Studies

Music by Sadaf Amini (https://open.spotify.com/artist/2TlAvzrt6ctGIozK4RQI64) 

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Recent Episodes

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What do belonging and burnout mean to you? Isabella Aung shares her experiences of belonging and burnout are connected.


How do you procrastinate? Ozge Girgin talks about the ways she procrastinates and strategies for staying focused as a student.