TALK with Timmy G

TALK is an engaging blend of interesting news, inspiring interviews, and wild facts from the world of music. With a focus on mental & emotional health issues (anxiety, depression, burnout, stress, food allergies) and addiction themes & recovery, each episode packs a powerful array of useful stuff for living a better life. Join Timmy G for your weekly brain bath!

TALK with Timmy G
TALK with Timmy G
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Join us every week for mental and emotional health issues and news!

Daughters of the King Interview

Join TimmyG as he learns about the life and musical careers of Daughters of the King, a Gospel trio with...

Ever Considered Meaningful Work in the Film Industry?

Join TimmyG as he explores the life and work of local Film Producer Emese Kiraly (VIVA Productions).

Having Needs Doesn’t Mean You are Needy

We all have needs. But do we know how to respectfully communicate those needs to others? And, once having communicated...

The Different Faces of Forgiveness

Often when we think of forgiveness, we think of a grand ceremony that involves coming face to face with someone...

The Healing Power of Animals with Carla Reilly Moore

Carla Reilly Moore always dreamed of opening an animal sanctuary. Following a bad car accident, Carla didn't know that the...