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Hot takes and the latest news in the world of basketball with Evan Koch and Thomas Bowen at Queen’s University

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Recent Episodes

Ben Simmons-76ers Dilemma

Thomas and Evan deliberate over the ever so apparent Ben Simmons and Philadelphia 76ers dilemma.

Series Ripples

Thomas and Evan discuss the Jazz-Clippers series and the ripples caused by Kyrie Irving's injury in the Buck-Nets series.

Playoff Second Round Takeaways

Evan shares his initial takeaways from the beginning of the NBA playoffs' competitive 2nd round.

1st round storylines

Thomas and Evan discuss storylines from the 1st round of the NBA playoffs  including the Lakers-Suns, Mavericks-Clippers and Knicks-Hawks series'.

Western Conference Playoff Forecasts

Thomas and Evan discuss the outcome of last week's NBA play in tournament and forecast the playoff matchups in the...