The Jabroni Show

Hot takes and the latest news in the world of basketball with Evan Koch and Thomas Bowen at Queen’s University

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Recent Episodes

The Final Jabroni Show 🙁

In this final episode of the Jabroni Show, Thomas talks about the NBA finals, pre draft trades, the draft and...

The Best Game Yet!

Thomas and Evan go over what they believe to be the best basketball game in the past 3 years, game...

Conference Finals Continued

Thomas and Evan discuss the ongoing conference finals and share their major takeaways from the NBA's recent draft lottery.

Ben Simmons-76ers Dilemma

Thomas and Evan deliberate over the ever so apparent Ben Simmons and Philadelphia 76ers dilemma.

Series Ripples

Thomas and Evan discuss the Jazz-Clippers series and the ripples caused by Kyrie Irving's injury in the Buck-Nets series.