Somebody left the WAFFLES! out in the rain! Well, no. But we do cover all sorts of songs about Cake, while never getting around to the actual band Cake. Sorry, Cake! You’re a great band!

WAFFLES theme :: Teen Titans

Cakewalk :: Oscar Peterson

I Like Pie, I Like Cake, But I Like You Most of All :: California Ramblers

Bile Them Cabbage :: Hank Williams

Ladies of the Canyon :: Joni Mitchell

All the Pretty Little Horses :: Holly Cole

Children’s Corner: Golliwog’s Cake Walk :: Claude DeBussy

MacArthur Park :: Shirley Bassey

Cake and July :: Joker’s Daughter

Chocolate Cake :: Crowded House

Saturdays :: Nelly Furtado

We Hovered with Short Wings :: Cowboy Junkies

Still Alive :: Jonathan Coulton

Piece of Cake :: Barenaked Ladies

Atop a Cake :: Alvvays

The Lookahead :: The Tragically Hip

Baker Baker :: Tori Amos

You Just Have to Be Crazy :: Grant Lee Buffalo

The Life and Soul of the Party Dies :: Carter the USM

I Love You (But You’re Boring) :: The Beautiful South

Here on Earth (I’ll Have My Cake) :: Crash Test Dummies

Lay Lady Lay :: Ministry

Cake v. Pie :: Paul F. Tompkins

The Light From a Cake :: Camper Van Beethoven

Cakes and Ale :: The Silly Sisters

Bastille Day :: Rush