Hello! Is it WAFFLES you’re looking for? Then you’ve found it, as we slap two hours of “hello” songs together, with a few howdys for good measure.

WAFFLES :: Teen Titans

Hello My Lovely :: Charlie Haden

Hello Sunday! Hello Road! :: Gil Scott-Heron

Hello Love :: Hank Snow

Michigan City Howdy Do :: Johnny Cash

Hello Mudduh, Hello Faddah! :: Allan Sherman

Hello City :: Barenaked Ladies

Sadness Grows :: Spirit of the West

Hello :: The Elwins

Hello :: Walk off the Earth

106.2 Breeze FM :: Mac DeMarco

Konnichiwa :: Shonen Knife

On Yonge Street :: Gordon Lightfoot

Hello Love :: The Be Good Tanyas

Hello Jesus :: Steve Gates

Hello in There :: John Prine

Hello, I Love You :: The Doors

Salut Les Copins :: Eux Autres

Putting Shame In Your Game :: Beastie Boys

M1 A1 :: Gorillaz

Hello :: Dragonette

Cheer Up Peru-40

Say Hello :: Drugstore

Hello :: Jaunt

Hello Hammersmith :: Caribou

Hello Let’s Go to the Disco :: Ursula 1000

Hello, I Must Be Going! :: Groucho Marx

Shadow Falls :: Hello, Blue Roses

Hello World Doggone :: John McGhee