Episode 3: Smith Career Advancement Centre – Job Search Conversations

The Career Advancement Centre plays a critical role in preparing you for a career in your chosen field. The CAC Career Coaches partner with you throughout your time at Smith to discover your strengths and career options, build your career skills and capabilities including your personal brand, and prepare you to launch your career. Our guest discusses the journey to finding his career post-graduation and reflects on the support offered by the CAC coaches and the corporate relationship team. Discover, Build and Launch your career. Guest: Steven Kraft, Smith MBA 2013Launched a career in mid-market M&A Advisory and LendingInterviewed by Rishi Behari, MBACAC Corporate Relationship Manager & Acting AD MMAI Musical Intro and Outro – “Let That Sink in” by Lee Rosevere

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why me episode 2 exercise

Does exercise really make a difference?

In this episode I talk about the research behind the link between exercise and mental health, my experience with the benefits of exercise, and some strategies to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Listen to this episode if you want to learn why exercise is a recognized treatment for depression and how you can make exercise a habit. Enjoy.

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