How to Start A Podcast

CFRC is here to help Queen’s University students and members of the Kingston community achieve their podcasting dreams!

Start a podcast in three easy steps:

1. Have a great idea that you would love to share with others? Do a little research to make sure you’re doing something that’s unique to you and will find its own niche in an otherwise crowded podcasting world. The more distinctive the concept you have, the better chance it will succeed

2. Contact us — Email CFRC’s Executive Director, Dinah Jansen at station@cfrc.ca to learn more!  Ahead of your meeting with Dinah or another staff member, download and fill in this Podcast Proposal Form. 

3. Once we settle on whether you will use CFRC studios or self-record your podcasts elsewhere, you’ll send us a 3000 x 3000 graphic image, a title and description of your podcast series, and a 30-60 second audio teaser or your first episode.  Once we have these assets from you, we can then create your RSS feed and push the series to Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Deezer and more!


How it works

Podcasters have the ability to rent CFRC’s studios to record and edit their own podcasts or contract CFRC staff to engineer your recording sessions and conduct post-production editing.  Podcasters may also create and/or edit their own audio content in their own home/office studio and submit the final mp3 copies of their episodes to us for distribution.  CFRC can also assist with radio and social media promotion of your podcast!

CFRC can tailor services to your needs!

A Note On Music:

Any music used in podcast episodes must be secured by the podcaster.  The podcaster must ensure they have written permission from the artist or the label to use the music in the podcast series.  Podcasters are not permitted to use copyrighted music without this explicit permission in their podcasts.  Non-compliance may result in litigation from the artist/label for the podcaster.

There are numerous reputable royalty-free podcast music portals readily available for podcasters to search and purchase music for their podcast such as SoundstripeThere are also websites that host creative commons music or music in the in the public domain.  Learn more here.  

Alternatively, in support of our local artists, CFRC recommends paying a local artist to compose and perform your music for you!  Wherever you source your music, be sure you have the right to deploy it in a podcast series.

In the News:

In January 2022, Dinah Jansen presented a TedX Queen’s U presentation on starting a podcast.

TedX Queen’s U Start a Podcast Slideshow