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The Scoop!
Chang 5 Space Mission, How Businesses Will Adapt to a New Type of Black Friday
In the first segment of The Scoop, we chat with Nikhil Arora, PhD Candidate in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy about the Tuesday November 23rd 2020 launch of the Chang 5 space mission to the moon.  Arora sheds light on the mission’s goals, and what new samples collected from the moon can yield in terms of research and advancing knowledge about the origins of our planet and universe.
In the next segment, we chat with Dr. Tandy Thomas, Associate Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Marketing in the Smith School of Business.  Dr. Thomas talks with us about what phenomena drive annual Black Friday hysteria, what Black Friday will look like this year in light of Covid-19 restrictions, what big businesses like the box stores are doing, and what small independent businesses might do as well.