CFRC Daily News Briefs
CFRC Daily News Briefs
Daily News - Thurs. January 28 2021 (1pm)

Here’s your CFRC Daily News Brief for the afternoon of Thurs. January 28 2021!

Tonight, the AMS of Queen’s University is holding assembly at 6pm over Zoom for members to attend. Decisions will be made regarding those who applied for AMS executive, undergraduate trustee, and clubs who were being nominated for referenda. We will keep folks updated as news is released but if you are an AMS member and would like to attend, you can visit for more information.

It was announced yesterday that the Kingston Resident with the B117 COVID variant in Kingston acquired the variant after a visit to the Muskoka-Simcoe area. They believe that this trip was the way that this person was infected. Don’t forget we are still in a lockdown and that non-essential travel is limited. Please stay within our KFLA region, and do your part to keep our community safe by wearing your masks, practicing proper hand hygiene, staying 6 feet apart with those outside of your household, and only leaving the house for essential reasons.

This evening, the Agnes Etherington Art Centre is hosting Art Hive, a virtual art event with an art therapist. This program is free and is starting at 4pm today so be sure to check it out! You can learn something new and create a new piece of art, which can perhaps spark a new hobby you can take up during this lockdown!