The Late Late Capitalism Show
The Late Late Capitalism Show
EP 100: Top From 10s

A celebration for the ages


1-0-0. When we started this podcast way back in January 2020 we never fathomed we’d make it here. But thanks to a little luck, and a lot of CSIS dark money, we pulled through. To celebrate, we all definitely made a coherently organized top 10 list of our personal picks for the Worst Canadian™️.  Also Meghan said we’re not allowed to call people “ugly” anymore which makes the possibility of making another 100 of these things seriously in doubt :/

Twitter thread by @RahRahRaina



Our theme song is “Mega Guillotine 2020” by the prophetic and powerful AJJ. Go buy their album Good Luck Everybody for instructions on magicks dark and terrible.


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