The Late Late Capitalism Show
The Late Late Capitalism Show
EP 102: The Roster

Last week Chance’s computer exploded after 39 consecutive hours on the Dark Web searching for Property Brothers’ Yaoi, so we lost last week’s recording. Thankfully, we got right back up on that horse and got things right this time. The gang covers a myriad of topics, including #HillWatch2022 and the twisted tale of the brewing Conservative civil war. Not that one. A much dumber, uglier battle between Ontario’s PCs, the New Blue Party, and the creatively named “Ontario Party.” It’s like Alien vs Predator, but if the alien was also a predator. Not the cool space kind, but the kind that can’t be within 500m of a school. Whoever wins, we lose


Our theme song is “Mega Guillotine 2020” by the prophetic and powerful AJJ. Go buy their album Good Luck Everybody for instructions on magicks dark and terrible.


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