The Late Late Capitalism Show
The Late Late Capitalism Show
EP 131: Peak Male Forum

CONTENT WARNING: From minute 45 to minute 46 Jesse tells a revolting story about a guy who pissed out his leg. If you want to understand what that means you’re welcome to find out, but don’t come crying back to me afterwards. This week we’ve got a surprisingly feel good triple feature of beer, bods, and municipal elections in foreign countries. First we celebrate the win of Brandon Johnson in Chicago’s mayoral race before bemoaning Bud Light turning their back on their loyal mouth-breathers. Then Jesse takes us on a tour of the hallowed halls of the Bodybuilding Forum


Our theme song is “Mega Guillotine 2020” by the prophetic and powerful AJJ. Go buy their album Good Luck Everybody for instructions on magicks dark and terrible.


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