The Kingston Curator
The Kingston Curator
June Kickoff: Spring Reverb, FOLDA + Tett Tuesday Exhibition

Spring Reverb kicks off this weekend in downtown Kingston, and Lauren & Mary are here to bring you the latest- featuring interviews with alt-rock group Monach, Kelsey McNulty of dream-pop project Good Fortune, and our first returning guest, Tom Savage of the Savage Family Band and Dead Root Revival.

Plus, two new events will be hitting Kingston in the coming week – the Festival of Live Digital Art, and the Art of Community: Tett Tuesday Exhibition. Join Lauren for conversations with co-curator of FOLDA Michael Wheeler, and curators of the Art of Community, Sasha Jiminez French and Alice Melo, for the sco0p on what to look forward to. As always stay tuned for headlines and your live music calendar, and tune into CFRC 101.9fm Fridays at 3pm to catch us on the air!

Our theme music is “Mathematics Monument and The Guide to Making Friends” by Julia Lynn Sepúlveda, found here: