Blind Date with Knowledge
Blind Date with Knowledge
Lee Airton

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education

Microinteractions and how gender functions in a particular space

Dr. Lee Airton is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education with the Faculty of Education. Their research program explores the micropolitics of gender and sexual diversity accommodation in K-12 and teacher education, with particular emphasis on the issues facing transgender and/or non-binary people in those settings. They recently published a popular press book entitled Gender: Your Guide – A gender-friendly primer on what to say, what to know, and what to do in the new gender culture. As an advocate, Dr. Airton founded They is My Pronoun and the No Big Deal Campaign. In 2017, they received the Youth Role Model of the Year Award from the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

In this episode, Dr. Airton discusses their book Gender: Your Guide as a resource for public education and advice for someone unfamiliar with the new gender culture. They also comment on the history of transgender activism and the issues facing non-binary people, such as advocacy for access. Dr. Airton also explains their research into the implementation of legal protections against gender discrimination in the policies governing schools at the provincial and board level.