CFRC Daily News Briefs
CFRC Daily News Briefs

It’s Tuesday November 22nd. Good Morning I’m Karim Mosna with your daily news brief. In the news…

A new facility in Kingston is looking to bring healing and growth through community and psychedelics, Neuma which opened its doors in September is hosting two events this week. Today, Neuma is holding a dedicated sampler class for frontline workers, hoping that healthcare staff who especially in the last few years have been overwhelmed and stressed, can access tools that can help bring relief.

Neuma Co-founder Cory Firth says “Psychedelics have the potential of not being this constant pill we pop,”“It has a tool to be able to teach people how to take some sovereignty back into their health and wellness practices and allows them to build skills for themselves to help sort of manage and improve on their symptoms of mental health.” 

 Neuma has paired up with the Kingston Economic Development Corporation for a Psychedelic Culture Connection event happening at Mitchell Hall on Queen’s campus tomorrow, with the intent of growing this learning series in the next year.

At this time Neuma is only using what is legally available to them primarily through psychedelic sampler classes that combine mindfulness, music, and breathwork with the intentional use of cannabis.

Firth says especially since its legalization cannabis has come to be seen as a recreational drug, but through more deliberate use it can be a transformational and medicinal tool. Through 3 hour classes, participants are introduced to a psychedelic experience in a safe space and in a group setting.

This story courtesy of Owen Fullerton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter with YGK News.


Queen’s University music collective QWave is encouraging everyone to make music. QWave recently hosted a Sound Play event at Union Gallery. QWave founder Adam Ben David says “ it was an opportunity for people to come and create their own music using sounds that already exist, you can come in here with no instruments and create something totally different than what someone else might do two minutes afterword,” says Ben David.

He says the club’s mission statement is anyone can make music and that they try to break down barriers.

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