CFRC Daily News Briefs
CFRC Daily News Briefs

It’s Monday October 17th. Good Morning I’m Karim Mosna with your daily news brief. In the news…

A rally was held on Friday evening in solidarity with unhoused residents living in the encampment next to the Integrated Care Hub. The rally was organized by ICH encampment residents with the help of Mutual Aid Kingston-Katarokwi, citing fear that a large scale eviction could happen at virtually any moment. Residents of the encampment and ICH staff were among the speakers at Friday’s demonstration, with members of the community gathering to put forward their support.

Mutual Aid’s Sayyida Jaffer said when it comes to the city’s homeless, and particularly those struggling with mental health and addiction, people need to really try to differentiate between being uncomfortable and being unsafe, “I ask all of us who have come here in solidarity to work on on having those difficult conversations with your friends, neighbours, coworkers, about public space and how we can share it and support people in getting over their fear and misconceptions about people who are on the street for whatever reason… And to challenge ourselves to understand the difference between being uncomfortable and actually being unsafe.”

Mutual Aid and encampment residents have asked for support by signing and sharing a petition that has over 800 signatures, as well as by donating supplies and funds through Mutual Aid. This story courtesy of Owen Fullerton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter with YGK News.


Local Digital Automotive Marketplace startup Venddee plans to expand to even bigger cities with a planned launch in Ottawa for early November. Then to Toronto and even further.

Co-founder and Consulting Partner Zermaan Khan says, “We’re really looking at taking this platform national and beyond…The platform is designed to be functional in just about any marketplace…There’s nothing like it in the marketplace right now and we’re excited to be the first ones to be able to deliver this kind of community marketplace…to bridge gaps between sellers and buyers… and really put them in the driver’s seat.”

Venddee recently provided LCVI’s auto tech,. Class with a car to work on. Media Lead Blake McGinness says, “We’re going to plan city-wide outreach any way we can between here and Ottawa, which is why we reached out to the LDSB to get a blanket policy for all schools in the school board.”

Vendde launched here in Kingston in early August. My full conversation with both Blake McGinness and Zermaan Khan coming up tomorrow afternoon at 5 on Citizen K.


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