Nearly Numinous
Nearly Numinous
Religion, Spirituality, and Apocalypticism in The 100 (Part 1)

Welcome to the first of a special 2-part episode on the hit CW show “The 100”.  The show originally premiered in 2014 and ran for seven seasons – but today, we’re only getting into the first season. Of course, there are some spoilers, so feel free to go watch the entire first season and come back to this episode.

In the first part of our series on “The 100,” we introduce the premise of the show, some of our favourite plotholes and burning questions, and most importantly, how it relates to religion—through its apocalyptic themes.

Join us next episode for the rest of our discussion on Season 1 of “The 100” where we compare culture and religiosity in three different communities: The Sky People, The 100, and the Grounders!

Interested in learning more about apocalypticism and rapture theology? Check out these sources:

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