The Kingston Curator
The Kingston Curator
Spring Reverb: Lake Porter, Corey Gulkin & KPP

This week, we’re bringing you an all Spring Reverb special, the city-wide music festival and event hitting Kingston running May 30th- June 2nd. 

First up, we’ve got festival representative Dyan Chenier of KPP Concerts, with a primer interview on what Spring Reverb is, what to expect, what to look forward to, and how to get involved.

Next up is Martina Lake from Kingston folk act Lake Porter, who will be playing in support of Boston Levi and Bleeker at the Ale House on Friday evening.

Then, Montreal dark folk singer-songwriter Corey Gulkin joins us ahead of their Friday performance at Musikkii as a part of the Pop Montreal Showcase, and we share a featured track from them after the interview, “Faceless Woman”.

We have all that, plus your headlines and live music calendar for the week, only on CFRC 101.9fm and on our CFRC podcast feed. Be sure to tune in live on Thursdays at 2pm all summer for the latest and greatest of Kingston’s arts scene. As always, thank you so much for listening.

This episode featured “Faceless Woman” by Corey Gulkin, included on the album Half Moon.

Our theme music is “Mathematics Monument and The Guide to Making Friends” by Julia Lynn Sepúlveda.