The Corridor
The Corridor
The Corridor, February 8th 2024

In this episode of The Corridor, CFRC’s Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Christena Lawrie conducts an interview with Marney McDiarmid about the 25th anniversary of the ReelOut Queer Film Festival.

Chloe Weinstein reads a report by Owen Fullerton (YGK News) about the findings from the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennonx & Addington community consultation on the decriminalization of personal drug use. Dinah Jansen reads a story from The Kingstonist’s LJI Reporter, Michelle Dorey Forestell about a potential change in branding for Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School. Further, Jaya Francis provides a report about the accidental issuing of duplicate interim tax bills in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands. Then, Simone Ottley reads a story about improved attendance figures for the St. Lawrence Parks Commission’s “Alight at Night” attraction.

In other regional news, CJAI LJI Reporter Ted Evans provides an update on the future of the Amherst Islander II ferry. CJPE LJI Reporter Brenda Little reports on the Prince Edward County Curl-a-Thon. CFWN LJI Reporter, Jeff Gard, provides a story about Port Hope flying the pan-African flag for Black History Month. Jesse Bell provides the Environment Canada weather report, and CFRC’s Danielle Draper presents the Community Concerts & Events Calendar.

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