The Late Late Capitalism Show

4 hosts, 2 mics, and $150,000+ of student loans. The Late Late Capitalism Show is an earnest attempt to explain many of the worst aspects of life for anybody under 35.

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Recent Episodes

Ep. 8 John off that Loud

The gang takes a gander at the life, legacy, and atrocities of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

Episode 7: Left Behind

The gang talks about recent pandemic developments, then we chat about Canadian socialism and why we can't ever seem to...

Ep. 6: Sicko Mode

We, along with literally everybody else, underestimate the Coronavirus. Sorry, I’m sorry, we’re trying to remove it. 

Ep. 5: Which Way WEXIT Man

The gang joins the Albertan liberation movement! 

Ep. 4: Our Own Personal Epstein

Our inaugural edition of the Pedo-Files deals with Canada's favourite tax-cheat and "sexual eccentric", Peter Nygard. Some real depraved stuff...