The Late Late Capitalism Show

4 hosts, 2 mics, and $150,000+ of student loans. The Late Late Capitalism Show is an earnest attempt to explain many of the worst aspects of life for anybody under 35.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 11: The Interpretation of Genes

Dean leads the gang down the perilous rabbit hole of evolutionary psychology. Also, Jesse introduces a new segment. Trigger Warning...

Episode 10: Don/Sub

The gang investigates the life, times, and ethos of Don Cherry

Episode 9: News Blues

Sorry we’re sad in this one we got sincerity poisoning from quar but we’ll be back on the braindead grind...

Ep. 8 John off that Loud

The gang takes a gander at the life, legacy, and atrocities of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

Episode 7: Left Behind

The gang talks about recent pandemic developments, then we chat about Canadian socialism and why we can't ever seem to...