Kingstonian S1E4: Jack Thompson – 52 years behind the mic

His career began in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.  In the late sixties, he moved to Kingston and, up until his retirement a few years back, Jack has been a mainstay of radio in our community.  Join Dave as he and Jack look back on a great career behind the mic.

Kingstonian S1E3: Dr. Mona Rahman – “A Muslim is a Muslim”

From a conversation recorded in the spring of 2017, Dave speaks to Dr. Mona Rahman, the Education Coordinator for the Islamic Society of Kingston. We talk about Sunnis and Shias; the clothing adherents are expected to wear; and the bans being imposed.

Mental Trauma and the Korean War: A Chat with Meghan Fitzpatrick

Dr. Meghan Fitzpatrick, the SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow in War Studies at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario joins us to discuss her scholarship and her recent book, Invisible Scars: Mental Trauma and the Korean War.

Data Day: Giving Voice to YOUR Research

April 25th – Francine Berish, the Geospatial Data Librarian and Sarah Bartlett, the Open Scholarship Services (OSS) Intern with Queen’s University Library visit us to discuss the upcoming Queen’s University Data Day event taking place at Douglas Library in May. They also share insights on the services faculty, staff, students, and community members can access through OSS and the importance of researchers’ cross-communications ahead of anticipated mandates and changes related to Tri-Council funding.

Inspired Giving with Gage Benyon (Queen’s ArtSci ’19)

April 18th – Gage Benyon (ArtSci ’19) joins us to talk about his work as a student caller and Communications and Scheduling Coordinator with Queen’s Telefundraising Services under the University’s Office of Advancement. He also shares insights on managing a busy work schedule with a very busy undergraduate academic calendar while telling us a lot about the skills he’ll take onward to his future career and of course why it’s important to give and for Alumni to stay connected to Queen’s.

Books@Queen’s: Armand Garnet Ruffo

Armand Garnet Ruffo (Department of English), on Legends of My People, The Great Ojibway, by Norval Morriseau

Episode host: Michael Fraser

A project of MUSC156 (Introduction to Digital Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing), in collaboration with CFRC Radio and Queen’s Library. Podcast production overseen by MUSC156 instructor Matt Rogalsky.

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