Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
Aidan Chin aka saintsbury-Airwave YGK Artist Talkback

Hello and welcome to another episode of CFRC 101.9 FM’s Airwave YGK Artist in Residence Artist Talkbacks!  In this episode, we’re chatting with Aidan Chin aka saintsbury about their music, their style, the electronic music scene and of course Aidan’s upcoming workshop and live performance from our studios on March 23rd.  Folks can register for the workshop via today and listeners can enjoy a live Saintsbury set on our airwaves and later via podcast.

Aidan Chin, aka saintsbury is an artist and songwriter currently studying computer engineering at Queen’s University whose music is in the realm of sample-based electronica with hip hop elements.  They’ve been making music forever and releasing it under several pseudonyms, most recently as saintsbury.  They’ve performed live a few times including as a special guest at the Dan School of Drama and Music’s annual luncheon where Aidan mobilized MIDI keyboard sample chops, live effects and looping.  Aidan is also the Tutorial Director for QWAVE, a campus electronic music club and also you may have heard Aidan right here on CFRC as they co-host a show called Beat Banter every single week.

Aidan will offer a workshop on March 23rd that covers the fundamentals and techniques for sampling, a great gateway into music creation for beginners and a means to have fun with music through the artform’s truly transformational aspects that allows musicians to re-contextualize other recorded music and sounds in new and interesting ways.  Overall, Aidan’s workshop will take beginners through beginner level sampling including chopping, stretching and looping audio, crate digging, granular synthesis with audio samples and also a deep dive into the philosophy of sampling.  Register today via  In the meantime, enjoy our conversation with Aidan and also enjoy some Saintsbury tracks throughout the episode!

All tracks in this episode are used with permission of the artist, Aidan Chin aka saintsbury.