Beyond Canada
Beyond Canada
Beyond Canada – Turkey: An International Research Seminar

Recorded: 20 January 2020

In this episode Claudia records an international research seminar in which three international graduate students discuss their research in Turkey. Canan Sahin (Political Science) talks about Syrian Refugees as a Surplus Population, Hilal Kara (Geography) discusses youth navigating precarious environments and Gaye Onurer (Sociology) unpacks the tensions of Academic or Peace. An interesting and thought provoking conversation with the audience then follows.

  • Host: Claudia Hirtenfelder (the International Student Affairs Commissioner for the SGPS)
  • Guests: Canan Sahin (PhD Student in Political Science), Hilal Kara (PhD Student in Geography), and Gaye Onurer (PhD Student in Sociology)
  • Bed Music: Mafikizolo Featuring Uhuru singing Khona
  • Featured song: Fikret Kızılok & Bülent Ortaçgil – Değirmenle