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Campus Beat
Chancellor Jim Leech in Conversation

Queen’s University, like many university’s has a Chancellor.  Chancellors have many roles to play at and on behalf of the university as they represent its interests anywhere in the world, act as important points of contact with major donors and serve as goodwill ambassadors across a spectrum of activities. The Queen’s Chancellor also participates in a variety of university ceremonies, as well as student and alumni events, notably the traditional hearty handshakes students all receive at the time of their laureation at convocation.

Following Queen’s University’s announcement that the Honourable Murray Sinclair will become the 15th Chancellor commencing in July, we sat down with the 14th Chancellor, Jim Leech.  This extended episode features a joyful conversation with Jim about the many roles he’s played, the highlights and happy memories of his time as Chancellor, what he loves so much about Queen’s University and its community near and far, and the low down on the ‘Curious Case of the Missing Convocation Cap.’

Though not covered in our conversation with Chancellor Leech, Queen’s Alumni may be interested to learn that there is a campaign underway to support the Jim Leech Ceilidh Centre Campaign that will support the revitalization of the John Deutsch University Centre (affectionately known as The JDUC), home of student activities, engagement and governance on campus.