Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
David Parker Airwave YGK Artist Talkback

In this episode, we are bringing you another CFRC Airwave YGK Artist-in-Residence artist talkback, today with local musician David Parker.  On February 2nd 2024, David joined us in our studios to launch our 2024 residency program when he presented an in person, hands-on electro-acoustic composition workshop using magnetic cassette tape to participants.  Following the workshop, David also mobilized tape loops created during the workshop to perform a live, ethereal soundscape from our studios from 9-10 PM.  Listeners can listen to that performance here.

As an established local musician, David writes, records, produces and performs both solo work and performs as well in various ensembles.  In our conversation with David today, we learn much about his musical career, the work he does alone and with others to produce his various audio projects while we will also get to listen to some examples of his recordings alongside some of the backstory behind the compositions.  Thank you for joining us today, we hope you enjoy the conversation!

All music is composed and performed by David Parker and used here with his permission.

Music v. Capitalism-The Industry
Invariant Form of the Intuitable World
The Starlight Electric-Weavings in Forever
Last Spot Hope and Dreams

Listen to more of David’s work and make a purchase through his bandcamp here.