Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
Airwave YGK Artists in Residence
DJ Mat Almeida, Airwave YGK Artist-in-Residence, in Conversation

Hello and welcome to another CFRC Airwave YGK Artist in Residence Artist Talkback! In this episode we are chatting with local DJ Mat Almeida all about his work in the industry and his upcoming workshop on March 27th.

With over a decade of DJ experience, Mat has also been producing electronic music for over 5 years with a lean toward the deep and minimal realms of house, techno and electronica.  He’s also enjoyed domestic and international success signing with labels and reaching international charts with his releases.  And of course, while playing local festivals, Mat is all over Kingston supporting touring acts, headlining local dance events while he has also held several residencies at various venues around town.

As an electronic artist, Mat has deep commitments to self-expression, community and the ability to share his collection and craft with likeminded individuals. During his upcoming Airwave YGK Artist Residency workshop, he’ll shift gears a bit moving away from the technical aspects of DJing and focusing more heavily on the rich cultural aspects that make DJing a fascinating and evolving art form and how participants can break into that scene.  Folks can register today for Mat’s March 27th workshop via cfrc.caYou can find Mat Almeida’s work on Spotify, mixcloud and youtube and keep up with the latest in Mat’s news and upcoming performances and track and album drops by following him on instagram @almeidamat_ 

In the meantime enjoy the conversation and wonderful music you can also find on Spotify used here with permission of the artist, Mat Almeida.