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Dr. Bishal Gyawali on Current Cancer Research Efforts & the Failure to Match the Global Burden of Cancer Deaths

Dr. Bishal Gyawali, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences and Clinical Fellow, Department of Oncology joins us in this episode.  We chat about the recent study called “An Analysis of Contemporary Oncology Randomized Clinical Trials from Low/Middle-Income vs. High Income Countries” published in the latest virtual edition of JAMA Oncology.  This international study was led by Dr. Christopher Booth, Professor of Oncology and Public Health Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Population Cancer Care alongside Drs. Gyawali & Nazik Hammad from Queen’s alongside Drs.  J. Connor Wells, Shubham Sharma, Joseph C. del Paggio, Wilma M. Hopman, Deborah Mukherjj, S. Pramesh, Ajay Aggarwal, and Richard Sullivan.

The team’s pivotal research has revealed that current cancer research efforts do not match the global burden of deaths from the disease.  Dr. Gyawali talks about the impetus behind the study, its pivotal results and implications, and recommendations for cancer research moving forward.