Beyond Canada
Beyond Canada
Ep 9 Beyond Canada: Screening Toilets, Narrating Transgender Relations

Claudia talks to Prerna Subramanian about her research studying public toilets as depicted in recent Indian films and how they imagine transgender persons on-screen through the trope. They also touch on feelings of imposter syndrome when you are not in the country you research as well as how international research provides opportunities to create international solidarity around issues.

Guests: Prerna Subramanian is a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies  (Gender Studies, Film and Media Studies) at Queen’s University. Connect with her via Twitter @prayernaaah
Host: Claudia Hirtenfelder is the International Student Affairs Commissioner for the SGPS and a PhD Candidate in Geography and Planning at Queen’s University. Her Twitter handle is @ClaudiaFTowne
Bed Music: Mafikizolo Featuring Uhuru singing Khona
Featured Song: Akshay Kumar – “Toilet Ka Jugaad Song” (You can watch the video on Youtube)
Date Recorded: 20 June 2020
Tags: International Research, Race, Gender, India, Media Studies, Toilets