An Apple a Day: Public Health Inquiry Podcast
An Apple a Day: Public Health Inquiry Podcast
Episode 1: An Art Therapist’s Mission in Public Health

Have you ever wondered about the people behind the public health decisions that govern our lives? Additionally, how does one become involved in public health in the first place, and what strategies do they use to keep people safe? If you have, then CFRC’s new podcast An Apple a Day: Public Health Inquiry Podcast is definitely worth a listen!

Join Tiffany Harianto and Payton Bayley—both students in Queen’s University’s Master of Public Health program—as they interview professionals from a variety of public health disciplines. Whether you are a professional, student, or simply curious, our semi-structured discussions are sure to keep your interest!

For our inaugural episode we are joined by art therapist, Melanie Gray. We begin with a broad discussion of what art therapy is and its growing role in treating various health conditions. Melanie also details the ways in which her Indigenous identity has informed her work. Our interview then concludes with an exciting preview of the Beyond Words program at Union Gallery at Queen’s.