Life of Kingston
Life of Kingston
Federal MP All Candidates Debate for Kingston and the Islands 3 October 2019

This special podcast is a recording of the Kingston and the Islands All-Candidates MP Debate hosted this morning, October 3rd 2019 by the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce at the Renaissance Event Venue on Queen Street in Kingston from 8 to 9:30 a.m.  In this special broadcast, you’ll hear Mark Gerretson, Incumbent MP and liberal Candidate, Barrington Walker, the NDP candidate; Ruslan Yakovichuck for the Conservative Party, Candice Christmas with the Green Party and Andy Brooke of the People’s Party of Canada respond to questions related to issues including simplified tax laws, federal deficit management, enhancing business prosperity in the region, solutions for housing shortages in the region, policies to address climate change, military spending, health and pharmacare, supporting post-secondary education, impact of climate change and precipitation on shoreline homes & businesses, and support plans for small business owners.  There is just over an hour and a half of recorded footage from the event.  We’ll play a brief a few local #ygk music selections to serve as an intermission as well including local greats:

Miss Emily-Hold Back the River
Oakridge Ave. – Endless Nights
Emily Bashell-Gone
Chris Koster-Runaway Fire
Jenica Rayne-It’s Never too Late