Deliberations on Diaspora
Deliberations on Diaspora
Food Mobility: Bunny Chow

with Nathan Clemente, Henry Jeong, and Olivier Champagne

Food is often an overlooked topic by many historians; indeed, for something that we can’t live without, many people take it for granted. Have you ever wondered how your favourite dishes came into being? Or how certain foods and ingredients have moved around the world? This podcast will discuss the history of the South African dish Bunny Chow, and in turn examine the larger picture of food mobility. Bunny Chow, a dish with local form of curry inside carved loaf of bread, is a reflection of transcultural fusion that occurs when a diasporic community meets the host community and its peoples. It is a reflection of necessary measures taken to get around the issues posed during the Apartheid,and also the symbol of solidarity among labourers of Indian and African backgrounds.